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I opened an Etsy Shop which will be featuring a few of my paintings and handmade jewellery. Visit my Shop JacqsCustomArt at www.etsy.com


New Puzzle-Piece painting in delectable pink...  Poppy Field in Pink

Jewellery More jewellery making using a mix of upcycled jewellery and new findings/fittings.

Commission I was asked to make a memory box for a child's Tap shoes. The design is simple but, I think, effective.


Commissions Two painting commissions came my way this month, both of which were to hang in newly decorated young girl's bedrooms. The first of which is featured below: New York in The Pink. The second, also for a pink bedroom with the subject matter of nature, has not yet been started. Brief sketches are at the moment been worked upon.

Jewellery experiments Following my first ever attendance to an auction I came away with 2,000 plus items of jewellery, mostly necklaces, bangles and bracelets. The vast majority was in good condition. The small remainder I carefully took apart, saving all the beads and jewellery findings to be up-cycled at the next available opportunity. Exciting! A new craft waiting to be learned. 

I began with a few bag and keyring charms which proved to be not too sad, and two of which I was able to sell.


My first artwork on the chestnut off-cuts... pleasing result for a first effort

New colouring book hits the market... SWEETS II


November/December Kept very busy creating 3D box frame pictures for customers


Wood off-cuts I was lucky enough to stumble across an almost unlimited stash of Chestnut fencing off-cuts at a chestnut fencing yard. Free to do with what I liked I mulled over ideas whilst a collection of these was set out on various surfaces in my small home to dry out over the winter. Eventually I decided to invest in a pyrography tool... the idea actually suggested by my youngest son... thank you for that. Below is pictured 3 of these in their raw state.

Christmas Colouring Books one for adults and one for children came out on amazon.


Guernsey Colouring Book Having discovered that there doesn't appear to be a colouring book for adults purely dedicated to Guernsey, I set about putting that to rights. I add however that I apologise if there is such a publication, but none found on researching. This is a work in progress... seventeen pages so far and working furiously to create a few more.


Sold a few items at a craft fair

Six weeks off work and how it was spent As well as a small calligraphy commission, a lot of this time was spent preparing a children's novel written a few years ago. The book, Dragon Reach, was at last in print, albeit through an independent publisher. It tells of the re-birth of the Shore dragons and a quest to ensure their continued survival. Work also has begun on a children's activity book.

Ooops! Broke my elbow... Luckily it's not the arm I draw with. Loads of time to spend on art projects.

Colouring Book #8  Hippie Days takes you back to the 60's and 70's with the VW camper van and Beetle, colourful fashion and Flower Power images.


Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday Book A new colouring book has just been added to my collection and up there on the Amazon website. It takes us through some of Queen Elizabeth's most momentous occasions.

Sweets colouring book Think this is my favourite so far... and very popular with colourists worldwide.


Sensory colouring book A colouring book especially for adults and young adults who may find colouring fine detail a little harder than most. This little book will be very much welcome in care homes and other centres where Sensory Art Therapy is enjoyed. Also published a Buttons colouring book.


Second Publication This time, a colouring book for adults... Floral theme. Available now at www.amazon.co.uk

New Publication My first colouring book for children, "Easter," is now available on Amazon.... go check it out.  www.amazon.co.uk

Self Publishing Whilst waiting for a response from the publisher on the Rainbow colouring book I have designed and am about to embark upon self publishing an Easter colouring book. A very daunting task for the novice, but here we go... 

Personal Gifts Shop I have opened a gift shop page. This is where you can order personalised Name Art gifts, Deep Box frame pictures, miniatures, Art cards and Online products from www.zippi.co.uk. Enjoy your time looking at the various items that you can own.



Childrens Colouring Book  I am in the process of creating a colouring book for children in which they are invited to build a rainbow. to each page will be added another arch with things to colour in pertaining to that colour band. 

New drawing... A black on white paper Fine liner drawing of a flock of butterflies. Each butterfly will be uniquely patterned, and rest against a floral patterned background. 


Colouring for Adults... this popular craze is becoming the latest in relaxation therapy. I intend to make these into books for you to colour. So far I have two, and working on the third. Any Publishers out there interested?


A Bit of Fun Just for a change I decided on a craft based picture of butterflies and crystal gems. It was posted on my Facebook page where it made me two commissioned orders. I enjoyed making these and will gladly make one for you in your colour choice. 

Hand drawn wedding gift. Personalised name art to commemorate life's events such as weddings and births. Fine liner on watercolour paper.


Special Recognition Award gained with the Fine liner drawing of Graphite Forest in the July 2015 www.lightspacetime.com  competition.

Outside Art Just for a change from the indoors to the outside, and from paper to something solid, I embarked upon making an everlasting tree. I found a dead tree branch and began preparing concrete leaves to hang from it. A pleasing result if I dare say so myself.


Gift Products British Icons series have just become available as printed gifts. Gifts such as i-phone cases, tote bags, mugs etc. are available from www.zippi.co.uk 

New drawing Latest sketch pen drawing.... early stage yet. I decided to explore with shape, the harsh straight edged lines along side very smooth curved shapes. The title of this new work, for the moment anyway, is "Seated Woman". 

Concrete creations These are my latest experimental pieces in cast concrete. Just thought I would crack on with something entirely new for me. Got the idea from watching Youtube videos and tried my hand at it. Not bad results for a first effort. 

Name Art for boys now sorted too. These little illustrated names are left unframed for you to choose your own style.


The Pastorale Symphony is now finished, the third sketch pen drawing in my new found medium. 

Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony in Sketch pen coming along nicely I think. New drawing in progress.

Graphite Forest drawing This new work in sketch pen is finally complete. Details of this new artwork are on the Sketch Pen Art page.

March A new sketch pen drawing in the making... Graphite Forest.

Name Art  Another new line in Fine liner pen. Children's framed Name Art. Each of these will be an original drawing using artists sketch pen.

Pen Painting This now has a name... The Guardian. The tall mannequin watches over the playful young ones.

Society of Women Artists I have bravely entered two works for the Society's next competition. Works chosen are the two PuzzlePiece paintings.

Painting with Pen I treated myself to a few sketching pens as I fancied trying a medium I haven't used since art college. For my first attempt I sketched a piece depicting, obviously, a few drawing tools and some books. It's going quite well I think, using the Pointalist technique. 

Latest painting Portrait for dog club member 

Canvas Sale

I need space in my flat to create more art. I have decided tot let you lucky people have my canvas work at a reduction....... it's a selfish move on my part actually. I just am itching to get down to some new canvas work, but can't justify throwing away my bed just to make room.

Pet portraits

February  Painting a double pet portrait commission of a Doberman and a German Shepherd. It's a bit of a challenge as the original photo has a misty glaze across it.... hope I can the dogs' facial characters ok...                                                                           Worked out perfect!


I have just completed a new pet portrait commission of Laddie the Staff. This follows an experimental portrait of my youngest cat Spikey.


British Icons Route Master. Here comes the 3rd of the British icons series in digital art medium.  The 1954 Route Master is now finished. Take a look on my Digital Art page for details.

New Print Pastel Jigsaw. A Fine Art print digitally created in Photoshop based on an original.

Triptych on Canvas The Crucifixion is a contemporary abstract work on three box canvas panels. Lovely bold colours. 

New Art Prints I have today added two new Art prints to the collection. They are detailed on the Fine Art Prints gallery page.

Animal Portrait Painted my first animal portrait commission. 

One Pound Coin design. I have just submitted a design to the Royal Mint for the new design due out in 2017. As much as I would love to, I can't show you my proposal.........sorry

Bespoke Tattoo First tattoo design for my son.

Office Art. I recently introduced two new pieces of digital art, specifically made for those daydream moments. To show the "Solutions" artwork which is highly complicated in design, I have included on this page an enlarged thumbnail of the whole work.

The 2nd in British Icons series The2nd of this mini series of well loved British icons is now finished and ready to go. This digital painting is of the Union Flag (Union Jack).

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