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Digital Prints

All my digital art is first drawn onto cartridge paper using just line drawing. This is then scanned into my computer and each line re-drawn using Photoshop, a very time consuming process. Once the drawing is finished it is carefully checked for the tiniest gaps in the line drawing. The smallest gap will lead to flooding of colour. The hard work done, it is ready to be painted and shaded.

British Icons 

A series depicting much loved deconstructed British icons. This first artwork is the 1924 K2 red phonebox. These images are also available as messenger bags, phone and laptop cases etc from www.zippi.co.uk

Office Art

A series of fun, abstract art designed to enhance any dull wall in the workplace. These pieces look just as good in the home too.

Architectural Model Making paintings

This series of work comprises five main studies and two sets of six elements taken from them. The five main studies followed three weeks of drawing and photographing a local company who make models for architects and planning departments countrywide. They depict the various stages in creating an architectural model.

Seaside paintings

These four paintings are an impressionist look at iconic seaside objects.

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  1. Rudo Chikunguru avatar
    Rudo Chikunguru Sep 24, 2014

    I like your pictures very much.  I like the idea that now one can look and also see prices without having to contact you for individual prices each time the website is visited.

    I am definitely considering the Decked Chair and the Saucy Dog. thank you for making the prices available.