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Inside the pages of this website you can find artwork of many varied style and subject matter. They include traditional canvas paintings in acrylic, sometimes with applied mixed media, Fine Liner drawings on watercolour paper and a digital artwork section mostly very bold in colour, sometimes complex but sometimes quite simple in design, Colouring books for adults and children, jewellery making and Graphic Design commissions. You will also find unique experimental works like the Puzzle Piece paintings and pyrography on reclaimed chestnut wood off-cuts. 

My interpretation of subject matter in the various artworks is dependant upon mood for the most part, usually quite abstract or impressionist. In contrast to these I have included a gallery page of commissioned work to give you an insight into some of the realist paintings.  

CHRISTMAS EVENT... 25%  off all canvas art.  Making room in my tiny studio for new artwork next year. The prices shown are the current reduced rate.

Colouring Books This year I embarked upon producing designs for the very popular adult colouring trend. This proved very successful with a regular number of books published and sold worldwide.

Special Recognition Awards. I have been fortunate enough to have received awards in the international www.lightspacetime.com  competitions.

Feel free to browse the gallery pages, and to comment or ask questions.

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